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Over the years, Linda Rike has reached a conclusion. She loves being near the water, any type of water - a wide expanse of ocean, a peaceful waterway, a favorite fishing spot. It's something about the smell of the salt air. Or perhaps it's the sounds of waves crashing on the shoreline or a baited line and hook breaking a glassy surface at daybreak. You might be surprised to find that the emphasis Linda places on the importance of water in her own life doesn't stop at the coastline.

Linda Understands That Water Is Critical in so many aspects of life - gardening, cooking and bringing to fruition everything from flowers to sandcastles. Linda also understands that adding water to your lifestyle can have an uplifting effect on you. That's one reason she has lived in Carteret County for so long. She appreciates the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the many waterways that ribbon the Crystal Coast area. It's the perfect place to satisfy her desire to catch gorgeous sunsets every time she has the opportunity.

As longtime area residents and real estate professionals, Linda offers you the most comprehensive and knowledgeable guidance around when it comes to adding water to your own lifestyle - whether it's in the form of a waterfront home or just moving you close enough to the coast to go boating or fishing or to catch a spectacular sunset every day.

A Place Like No Other

Linda was born in Washington, N.C., and moved to Carteret County in 1965. She earned a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in counseling from East Carolina University and then returned to the Crystal Coast to embark on a real estate career. “I love where I grew up and wanted to help other people discover the charming lifestyle that is so predominant here, she says. “Working in real estate allows me to be instrumental in introducing others to the amenities and beauty of all Carteret County - Beaufort, Morehead City, Pine Knoll Shores and Atlantic Beach.”

Test The Waters With Linda Rike Real Estate

You’ll discover that Linda is the catalyst you need to make your move happen, whether you’re buying or selling a home in Carteret County. Call Linda Rike Real Estate today if you want to work with an experienced team that truly understands firsthand the meaning of adding water to your lifestyle!

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